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The Vice-Presidential Debate

Posted by thearrow on October 3, 2008

All I want to say is, if I hear the word “maverick” one more time, I’m gonna puke 😀 Sarah Palin used it ad nauseam in the debate. I thought I just had to find a place to bang my head against the wall :).

Now that I got that off my chest, I HAVE to post Tina Fey’s absolutely brilliant Sarah Palin impersonation from last week’s Saturday Night Live. I do hope she’s going to do another one after this week’s debate. She has to! She can’t leave us hanging without our dose of humor. That’s the only way to bear the thought that Palin has no idea what she’s talking about. Thank God Obama’s up in the polls, or I would have become downright suicidal.

Another edit: Here’s the actual interview with Katie Couric that Tina Fey mocks. The part she’s referring to is at the end, so skip to minute 7:45 or so if you want to see just that.

Later edit: Yes! Tina Fey is on SNL. Too good an opportunity for her (and us) to miss.

A few snippets, as it’s happening: I believe marriage should be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers. And don’t think that I don’t tolerate gay people because I do. I tolerate them with all my heart 😀


8 Responses to “The Vice-Presidential Debate”

  1. v said

    keep your head where it is! someone should bang palin’s head against a wall! i can’t believe such a small-brain-narrow-horizon-gunphallic-worshiper could ever dream to become (vice)president of a country.
    and it’s not even her fault!

  2. thearrow said

    Yeah, it sounds unbelievable but this has been the Republican line in the recent past at least. Listen to her views on whether a girl who is pregnant as a result of rape or incest should have an abortion or not:

    (minute 5). Really appalling.

    The problem is that she has 1 in 6 chances of becoming president if McCain gets elected because he might die in office. Imagining her in the White House is my worst nightmare both for America and the rest of the world.

  3. v said

    don’t worry! the male candidate who decided she was the best option to replace him is also a nice nightmare, if i may say so.

  4. v said

    by the way. i never liked mrs. clinton, but can you imagine the look on her face when they compared the two of them and said mccain did a smart move and attracked clinton’s followers by choosing palin?

  5. thearrow said

    I think her heart must have sunk. Palin is such a far cry from Clinton; there’s no comparison. And if Clinton’s followers vote for McCain because of Palin, well, they should live in a separate country governed by them 🙂

  6. v said

    …and somewhere on the dark side of the moon, please.

  7. thearrow said

    They already are in some dark side; just not of the moon 🙂

  8. v said

    exactly my point. they’re way too close now!

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