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A Wish from My Mentor

Posted by thearrow on October 29, 2009

Have a great last weekend as a single babe :).


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A Future Biker

Posted by thearrow on October 26, 2009

I couldn’t resist not posting this pic from when I was 2 and a half years old. Who knew that biking was going to loom so large in my life later on? 🙂


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Biking at Night

Posted by thearrow on October 26, 2009

Now that it gets darker earlier, I have no choice but to bike at night. And, to my surprise, I’ve discovered I really like it. The best part is that hills don’t seem as steep as they do in daylight, simply because your sense of proportion is a little skewed. The less-than-nice part is that certain sections of the bike trail are really dark and, while I have good lights, it’s not much fun to bike there by yourself. Soooo, confronted with that prospect again a few days ago, I decided that I was going to bike on M Street; otherwise, a much more direct route. But M Street is jam-packed with cars at almost any time and I was afraid I wouldn’t be alert enough to the traffic.

Enter Zita, my adventurous, trailblazing, athletic friend who, together with her husband, bikes in any weather (except when it snows or there’s ice on the ground). Brrrr. She passed me on the trail one night and we stopped to catch up. That used to happen quite frequently when I used to go to work very early; I would bump into her as she was training for a marathon. We don’t get together too much because she’s too busy, but we enjoy such moments a lot. The same thing the other day, when I asked her how she deals with biking at night. Well, she bikes on M Street. She doesn’t like it very much because she has to be super alert, but it’s the most direct and well-lit way.

And last Thursday I gave it a shot. It was 8 pm, so traffic had died down a bit from the rush-hour peak. And, what do you know, it was a very smooth ride. Drivers were nice, kept a good distance from me, and treated me like a vehicle, which is exactly what you want. Man, what an incredibly liberating feeling to be able to bike on a street busy enough to make you feel alive! It was a very Zen-like experience, amplified by a balmy air and this feeling that I was part of a flow of people and cars moving in the same rhythm.

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Undecided Tree

Posted by thearrow on October 23, 2009


And one that has no doubts what season it wants to belong to.


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Social Insurance and Hitler

Posted by thearrow on October 16, 2009

You didn’t think these two could ever be associated in the same sentence in a positive way, right? I was pretty shocked to find out, too. And yet, Hitler exported to the Netherlands, Belgium and France the social insurance system created by Otto von Bismarck in 1883. Mind-boggling.

For the first time ever there is a good chance that Congress will pass a health care reform bill meant to give more people health insurance, so the news is pretty much all health care all the time. Naturally, curious minds have started looking into what other countries do. The very idea that in America you can easily go bankrupt because of medical bills (remember, 60% of personal bankruptcies) is a concept Europeans can’t wrap their minds around. Just as mind-boggling as the fact that Hitler gave France it’s social insurance system, which is very much envied in the US, by the way.

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Side Effects of Having a Window

Posted by thearrow on October 15, 2009

You tend to day-dream a lot, get very little done, and can’t wait to get out of the office. Even more than when you didn’t have a window. Now that’s disconcerting. I hate not being productive, but I don’t want to tell you how much work I did the past few days. Not really nothing, but something of microscopic size anyway. The funniest thing was that our president (a very kind and charming guy, with great sense of humor) stopped by my office right after I moved and said, “don’t look out the window too much.” I guess he speaks from experience. LOL

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More Animal-Print Madness

Posted by thearrow on October 13, 2009

I went into a store today to kill time until my bus came and guess what I see? A nice jacket/sweater with the exact same pattern as my wedding dress. The weather has turned relatively cold and I was JUST wondering this morning about what coat I should wear with my flimsy dress since a shawl will definitely not keep me warm on November 7. I couldn’t resist and got the jacket.

I’m telling you, my friends: ask and thou shalt receive. I know I sound a bit mystical here, but it’s proven true for me so many different times.

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