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Modern-Day Fairy Tale

Posted by thearrow on September 30, 2008

I was biking downhill this morning and, knowing that sometimes things jump out of my basket, I started worrying when I heard one of my plastic bags fluttering in the wind. So I stopped to see what was going on and saw that one of my shoes was missing (I pack my office attire). Shoot, now I have to go back, it’s uphill, God knows where I lost it, what a waste of time, what a bummer, etc, when a guy comes (he was walking) and hands it to me, smiling: you lost a shoe?

Who said fairy tales aren’t true? 🙂


6 Responses to “Modern-Day Fairy Tale”

  1. Departe said

    … that’s a great start of the day! not to mention that it would be a great story to include in the wedding speech. 🙂 so tell us what happened next….maybe it’s fate, you never know. :)))

  2. thearrow said

    I laughed and we each went our separate ways. It’s a modern fairy tale, after all, which means nothing comes out of it 🙂

  3. alt.L said

    it sounds rather postmodern with the anti-climatic ending and stuff 🙂

    or maybe the prince was so distracted (the financial crisis?) he didn’t even notice it was *the shoe*! after all, we can say that this is a cautionary tale: here’s how you can miss on things in life 🙂

  4. thearrow said

    Heh-heh. Indeed, maybe he already had Princess Fiona at home 🙂 Or another Prince Charming. LOL. Oh, and speaking of your kitty link, my bike helmet is red.

    But not bad for a start of the day; I got a great laugh out of it.

  5. Departe said

    I see, Red Riding Helmet and Cinderella all rolled into one, now that is indeed a modern take of the old fashioned story. So that would mean that the Price has already got a Prince (or a Frog) at home and you can end up with the Big Bad Wolf or the Fairy Godmother, your choice. 🙂

  6. thearrow said

    Just as Alt.L said, postmodern all the way :). But the choices you’re outlining aren’t that appealing; I’ve tried the Big Bad Wolf in a previous life and it wasn’t that great. Maybe I’ll have more fun as the Fairy Godmother :).

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