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Overall, a Great Year!

Posted by thearrow on December 21, 2011

Osama bin Laden, check.

Moammar Gaddafi, check.

Kim Jong Il, check.

Speaking of, here’s some inspiring “mandatory public crying,” as The New Yorker’s Philip Gourevitch aptly describes it.

Then, enjoy the cheerfulness of this great photo essay with images from North Korea: Those dreary apartment buildings are only a tad more depressing than what you could see in Romanian cities, especially in Bucharest. Which you can see at

Oh, and this other report from VICE, via CNN:

Hopefully, these long-overdue deaths will mark the end of the respective eras created by their distorted heroes. Or at least the beginning of the end, although, considering that in Romania things are still far from normal 20 years after communism fell and, in some respects, have got worse, I can’t be too optimistic.


One Response to “Overall, a Great Year!”

  1. gabi said

    e o realitate SF cu catralioane de furnici innebunite .Serios acum ,iadul e pe Pamant 🙂

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