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Pet Land, Here I Come

Posted by thearrow on May 29, 2009

Between June 12th and the 19th I get to dog sit Jackson again, the lovely big golden retriever I took care of last year and of whom I didn’t have any pics, much to Vidal’s dismay.

The best part is that I’ll be very close (by American standards) to my boyfriend, therefore to Mr. Jinks, who is by far the most adorable cat I’ve ever seen. OK,  being a dog person and allergic to cat hair, I was not that much around cats, but Jinks is really special. And did I mention adorable?

Last but not least, I’ll get to see my boyfriend more often during the week — always a challenge since I don’t have a car. I have to pack everything I’ll need for one week, as there’s no way I can go to work, go to my place in Virginia (not near the metro) and then to Jackson’s place in Maryland (again not near the Metro). Having to rely on public transportation, that would take me about three hours. So I have to pack as if I’m really going out of town. The funny part is, I’m actually going to a different state 🙂 For folks not familiar with this area, DC is a tiny little city, population 500,000, but the Metro DC area, which includes Maryland and Virginia suburbs, extends as far as the eye can see and has a population of over 5 million.

So Vidal, rest assured that there will be photos of Jackson this time around. I hope I’ll get some good shots since this time around I have a really good camera and I can ask my boyfriend to play with the dog so that I can take pics, which he doesn’t know yet (heh-heh).


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Next Level in Kitteh Trust

Posted by thearrow on May 12, 2009

I can proudly report that I have gotten to the next level with Mr. Jinks’ trust: he bypassed my boyfriend to get to me on Sunday morning and, after some unsuccessful attempts, he finally draped himself over me and lay there for quite a bit. I was in the seventh (or ninth?) heaven that he gave me the honor of his royal presence. That said, he’s a heavy kitty (14 pounds) and, while he might seem all fluff, he’s not, so holding him on my stomach involved tightening some ab muscles. Glad I’ve been going to the gym. Now my boyfriend suspects that that’s why I’m dating him: to get to Mr. Jinks.

I wish I had more time to post some pics. I always hope I’ll find some time but then time seems to vanish in a black hole. In other news, I did find the pill that makes you care less about work :): Trazodone. I get a really good sleep and a very I-don’t-care attitude. Pure la-la-land. I slept like a log for almost a week and it feels great.  I had to start getting less than a pill to be able to get on the bike; one full pill was making me extremely groggy. Yaaay for sleep AND for caring a little less about work.

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