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Our Love Muffin

Posted by thearrow on June 23, 2011

A couple of weeks ago that brown sweater on which he is resting had fallen from my closet. I am very fond of it and wore it for many years; it was a birthday gift from a friend. But it’s wool and at some point it shrank, leaving me wondering what to do with it. I wasn’t going to wear it any more but I didn’t want to throw it away either. Since it was shrunk, I couldn’t give it to someone else either.

Before I finished going through all these options in my head, though, Jinks took possession of it and it’s now his favorite place for snoozing. Which, obviously, I find both cute and flattering. He doesn’t sit on it with his entire body, but rather rests on it as if on a pillow. Lately, I’ve noticed that he dragged an old skirt of mine off a shelf and has expanded his territory.

We think he likes them not just because they’re comfy, but also because they smell of me. Which makes me the Mama Cat 🙂


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Our Kitty Overlord

Posted by thearrow on April 26, 2011

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Don’t Wake Me Up

Posted by thearrow on April 15, 2011

Steve has been saying for some time that I’m now a crazy cat person. I think this proves beyond doubt that I am :). The dog person in me is hibernating.

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Six-Toed Kitty

Posted by thearrow on February 13, 2011

Teo’s neighbors have this tiny little kitty with six toes on each foot. Man, that’s a lot of toes. She loves to be petted so I did that with one hand while taking pics with the other, but she was moving a lot and I couldn’t quite capture her paws the way I wanted to.

But you get the idea 🙂

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My Favorite Comforter

Posted by thearrow on November 15, 2010

His Royal Fuzziness is very snugly now that the cold weather is here. Every morning he comes up to me for some much-needed love and stays there, almost glued to me, for about 20 minutes, with all purring engines going full throttle. And, in the evening or during the weekend, he has to stretch on my legs for more love.

On another note, it seems like I really like red boots, be they indoor or outdoor 🙂

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Cat in a Cup

Posted by thearrow on November 4, 2010

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Kitty Ritual

Posted by thearrow on October 8, 2010

Whether in the morning or evening, if I stretch my legs on the sofa Mr. Jinks will promptly come to stretch himself on them. I LOVE it that he wants to snooze on me like that, one time for 40 minutes and he even snored.

I took the pic with my phone, so it’s not that crisp, but you get the idea. One morning this week he was in the same position when I really had to go to the bathroom, so I gently took the front part of his body in my hands and moved it on the couch. His butt was still on my legs. He was sleepy and confused, and stayed there with his butt on my legs for a while until he woke up to the harsh reality that he had to go.

Steve has now resigned himself to the fact that Jinks and I have a love words can’t describe. He said, “you have replaced me as the object of his affection while I finance his lifestyle.” LOL. You can imagine Mr. Jinks being chauffeured around town in a black limousine.


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