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Rest in Peace, Cristina!

Posted by thearrow on February 27, 2012

I get on Facebook this morning and what do I read? “Today, I feel destroyed. My beloved Cris passed away yesterday. We still don’t know the reason. Cris, my beloved, mon amour, we will see us in the heaven.” This is what the boyfriend of my friend, Cristina, had posted. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Could he possibly talk about my friend? It turns out he did.

We’re all shocked. She was in her mid-40’s and didn’t have any serious health issues, just some minor ailments, like many other people. It’s beyond sad not just because she was so young, but she only recently found this wonderful guy, with whom she had a very loving relationship, even though it was long-distance. She was more or less home-bound (in Bucharest) because she was taking care of her ailing mother, but he lived in Madrid. They probably didn’t see each other very often, but they would both post classical music clips for each other on Facebook, which I thought was very sweet.

Cristina had a great sense of humor and loved life, but was also a romantic and she was always posting warm wishes for all of her many friends on Facebook. Not a day went by without a couple of music clips or thoughts for a lovely day or weekend. To see her last post and then the outpouring of grief underneath it is just surreal. She also composed poems and set them against images with classical music background, which she then posted on YouTube. Here is her channel: And if you’re wondering about her name, yes, she was a descendant of the Russian composer.

We were colleagues in my last job in Romania before I left; everybody loved her. When I was there in September, we were supposed to get together but she didn’t feel well that day. In the whirlwind of stuff to do, I didn’t make an effort to try again and never talked to her again. And then this. Life really is too short. In her memory, I am posting her favorite musical piece, Mahler’s symphony no.5 (IV) – Adagietto. Sehr Langsam (1 of 2), as conducted by Herbert von Karajan. Rest in peace, Cristina!


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