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Change in My Wallet

Posted by thearrow on August 27, 2010

Sometimes Steve takes  small bills from my wallet to get munchies late at night, which I find funny. Lately, though, I found myself prodded by my conscience to give the change to poor people on the street. It’s like a drop in an ocean of needs, though, so I’m not mentioning this to get any kind of credit.

One time I got some bread and I felt that I needed to give those people something if I was getting food for myself. Then yesterday I was on my way to a store to see if I could find a skirt (I didn’t) and I gave $5 to a woman who was a very grim picture of destitution. She was very appreciative and told me in a small voice how the day before she bought a big sandwich, cut it in half, and thus had something to eat for both lunch and dinner.

It was heartbreaking.


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The Two-Headed Monster

Posted by thearrow on August 21, 2010

That guards my bike trail.

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Prescient David Sedaris

Posted by thearrow on August 6, 2010

First, the weird news of the day: “New Jersey Couple Loses Custody of Son Named Adolf Hitler.” Say what? How can anyone in their right mind ever do such a thing to their own child? Unfortunately, the parents are not in their right mind, as the custody is being removed for their history of domestic violence and other psychological problems (stemming from child abuse) that can put their kids at risk. It’s a really sad story.

I contemplate the news and how devastating mental illness can be and, slowly, drift away in the day’s work.

Later, I get, home, pick up the latest New Yorker, and see a piece by David Sedaris, one of my favorite humor writers. Next time you’re looking for something intelligent, thoughtful, and funny, get one of his books. Seriously. You will not be disappointed. This particular piece, “Standing By,” was about waiting in line to board airplanes, overhearing annoying opinions and people complain about airlines, observing the sea of humanity around you, and trying not to get too frustrated by the whole experience. I have some hearty laughs when, two thirds into the text, I read this:

“I was on the people mover, jogging toward my connection at the end of Concourse C, when the voice over the P.A. system asked Adolf Hitler to pick up a white courtesy phone. Did I hear that correctly? I remember thinking. It’s hard to imagine anyone calling their son Adolf Hitler, so the person must have changed it from something less provocative, a category that includes pretty much everything. Weirder still was hearing the name in the same sentence as the word “courtesy.” I imagined a man picking up the receiver, his voice made soft by surprise, and the possibility of bad news. “Yes, hello, this is Adolf Hitler.”

Poor Sedaris. He thought this was a clever and unexpected thing to come up with and reality proved his imagination right just a couple of days after the magazine hit the stands. I wonder what he’s thinking about the whole thing.

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