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Posted by thearrow on August 26, 2011


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My Dream Library

Posted by thearrow on August 23, 2011

I got into an email conversation with Departe about books versus e-readers the other day. She is against clutter and prefers an e-reader. I love holding a book in my hands and try to keep the clutter in check by buying only those books I know I want to keep. The physical book’s presence helps me relax and concentrate and, even if I’ve never used an e-reader to have the proof, I think it would prevent me from reaching that blessed state of mind.

A coworker who’s in charge of our scholarly press has bought one and said that in about three minutes he forgot he was not reading an actual book. That’s one thing that makes me reconsider it.

The other is an old fantasy of mine: living in a house large enough to be able to hold all the literature classics. I have this image in my head of high ceilings, large windows, long white walls lined with dark wood bookshelves, and rows after rows of old editions of the classics. Oh, and the house has to have an orchard, by the way. Interestingly enough, when we got together with a couple of friends over the weekend, one of them turned out to have the exact same dream. Steve started making fun of my orchard, Margie wasn’t particularly convinced it makes sense, but Chuck, her boyfriend, was right there with me. Great minds…

This is why the e-reader emerges as the best practical way to turn at least the dream of owning the classics into a reality, so I’m almost sure that I’ll get one some time.

And, just as I was writing this, Steve comes to show me how cool the Kindle app for the iPad is. He has an iPad, I have a MacBook. I’m afraid that if I get an iPad, too, I’ll never do anything else other than play with it. But now I’ve downloaded the Kindle app on my Mac and there’s no escape. I *have* to download the free books I want. And I’ll no longer have an excuse for not having read something I was supposed to read in college, where I majored in English.

With that, you’ll have to excuse me. I’m going in download mode.

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A Deer, a Kangaroo, and a Coyote, All In One

Posted by thearrow on August 16, 2011

We thought we’ve discovered all animals when, lo and behold, a strange creature appears in suburban Maryland. And no one can tell what it is. Some hospital workers who kept seeing it eventually captured and filmed it and then released it back into the wild.

Later edit: It turned out it’s a sick fox; he lost his fur because of the disease.  Poor little thing. I wish someone could cure it.

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To Study

Posted by thearrow on August 12, 2011

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I Just Want to Read and Study

Posted by thearrow on August 11, 2011

Why do we have to work every single day? I’d love to take a sabbatical year and just read, play with my camera, and study the many things I want to learn. I have long wish lists of books on Amazon and I’m fighting the temptation to buy all of them. Which would be nuts, of course. I have to resist my collector urge and I need to tell myself that just possessing the books is not enough. I actually need to make time to read them.

But I’m so not in the mood to work, which very rarely happens to me. I haven’t had a real break in years and I’m getting so nostalgic about my time in college when I had so much flexibility I didn’t know how to appreciate. I should have taken advantage of it to read seriously. Instead, I worked… I worked because I wanted to gain experience and some extra money, but didn’t realize how precious and fleeting that time was and how I should have enjoyed being a student.


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Squeeze Your Butt

Posted by thearrow on August 5, 2011

So someone else will want to. That’s what my gym instructor, Susan, keeps repeating every time we go to her class.

This is the best biking tip I’ve heard of. The moment you squeeze your butt you’ll feel that your legs (and said butt) are doing all the biking work and you no longer feel like you need to move your upper body. And the second great biking tip is to keep your upper body quiet. You lose energy by bobbing from left to right when you’re biking. Just transfer that energy into your legs and core, but let the rest of your body relax.

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