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Coming Back

Posted by thearrow on June 4, 2012

It’s been really hard to get back to blogging after my friend died. How can you go on after someone so young vanished so unexpectedly? Her Facebook page is still open in my browsers on both computers and people still post photos of roses or other things they knew she liked, and still talk to her, tell her how much they miss her… It’s heartbreaking.

It’s weird having Facebook around, which for most of our lives we didn’t. I know I’m thinking of Cristina a lot more than I would have had Facebook not been around; I feel like I can maintain some sort of connection with her. But it’s also harder to let go. I can’t bring myself to close her page, even if I don’t check it very often. Once in a while I see posts on her page by her other FB friends and I wonder how long this will go on. At some point the living do move on, but it takes much longer in the virtual life.

And I know I’m not the only one pondering virtual life after real death on Facebook. Here’s an interesting article on The Atlantic about how people deal with it:

There you have it: if you want to live forever in your friends’ memory, be active on Facebook, like Cristina was.

So I’m back and hope to start offering interesting tidbits of my life again. I’m posting this pic from the Botanical Garden in DC, where I’ve been on a shooting trip recently. Here’s the link to the whole album:


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