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Fluttering Wings

Posted by thearrow on June 12, 2008

I finally took a day off to decompress a little bit and went to chase butterflies at the Natural History Museum. It’s a small, climate-controlled enclosed space inside the museum; butterflies fly around you and you can linger on as much as you want.

Here is the day’s bounty: I stayed there for about two hours, until I made sure I captured almost all of them. However, the most beautiful of them all, the Morph, turned out to be very elusive. It has beautiful patterns on the wings’ outside and a stunning blue on the inside. It looks like this: That is, if you’re lucky enough and it opens its wings right in time for you to take a picture. The two or three they had in there kept flying continuously, tantalizingly close but never setting down on anything. And when one did get tired, it went to some far away cranny and promptly closed its wings. Man, that was frustrating :).

I have a modest suggestion, though: instead of “Butterflies + Plants” they should have called it “Sauna + Butterflies” :). But, aside from the temperature, humidity, and (just like with the frogs) little kids moving in unpredictable directions it was wonderful. And actually, the kids were somewhat more predictable just because butterflies like to land on the floor, so everyone had to pay attention not to step on them. They also liked to land on people and just stay there 🙂

Tomorrow I’m moving to Bethesda, another DC suburb, where I’ll be house and dog sitting the whole next week for a friend. It will be a nice change to play with a dog when I come home.


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My Precious

Posted by thearrow on April 25, 2008

That would be my camera. Actually, my cameras: both the one I want and the one I have. The one I want I still can’t have. I really feel like Gollum now because, just as I was getting ready to buy it, something came up and I had to postpone my plan indefinitely again… The money is there but I can’t touch it. I’m trying to hope that it won’t end up like the real precious.

But at least the Precious I have has been repaired and is on its way to my open arms :). I picked a professional-repair shop to avoid any surprises. It cost me a small fortune, but less than buying a new good camera. Plus, even though I’m not a professional photographer, I’m so used to taking pics when I like something and so many projects are buzzing in my head that I’ve been feeling incomplete and anxious without it :).

So it looks like next Saturday I’ll be out and about. Yaay! Azalea bushes are in bloom around town and they are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait!

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Amaryllis in Bloom

Posted by thearrow on March 23, 2008

Here it is, in all its splendor.

resize-buds.jpg resize-both-3.jpg resize-window-3.jpg resize-right-2.jpg

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Amaryllis Update

Posted by thearrow on March 16, 2008

Almost ready to greet the world.


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My Blooming Cactus

Posted by thearrow on March 8, 2008

I told you this was a carnival. Now you have the proof :). The amaryllis is next, in a week or so.
dsc04394-resize.jpg dsc04406-resize.jpg

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