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Need to Travel with First-Aid Kit

Posted by thearrow on May 31, 2011

The weather here has reached a level of humidity nastiness that bogs all of us down. It’s brutal. I don’t mind heat (the temperature’s around 90 F/30 C), but the humidity is killing me. And others.

A young lady almost fainted on the metro today, even though the A/C was cranked up. She was leaning against a glass wall next to the door and I saw her sliding down all of a sudden, without a sound. A woman nearby propped her up and sat her down, but the young lady couldn’t utter a word. She could only shake her head. She got off at the next stop and lied down on a bench.

Another young lady, who looked very energetic and was chatting with her colleague, got on. The train had just left the station when her nose started bleeding! She sat down while her colleague and me tried to clean her up and put wet tissues on her forehead, with another woman telling her to squeeze the top of her nose and me telling her to keep her head tilted to the back to stop the bleeding. It eventually stopped; she was in good spirits and was joking all the time.

I’m planning on biking at least two days/week, though; hopefully, three. I’m counting on the fact that mornings are cooler and I’m in the shade most of the time. Also, I put electrolyte tablets in my water to replenish the minerals I lose by sweating. Still, today gave me some pause. I’ll make sure I have some first-aid stuff with me at all times.


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