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Fallen Mask

Posted by thearrow on November 10, 2008

I’ve never been one to hide what I feel/think, partly because I believe in honesty, partly because I’m just not good at it. When I was at home I could at least conjure up some thin veneer to cover my emotions, though; sometimes I was better at it than other times. Here, however, completely at odds with the understated world around me, my emotions run free. I have too many of them to handle, I have too many insecurities, vulnerabilities, and I have to constantly go between the universe in my head and the real world. But I also feel I’m a lot easier to impress now. The hard shell you have to surround yourself with in Bucharest has fallen, and with it, my mask. It’s a liberating feeling, but a dangerous situation, too: you’re exposed. So the only way for me to defend myself is to stay away from people who can hurt me. I’ve weeded them out and now I’m in a comfortable cocoon. I just wonder what will happen when I come out of it.



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