The Arrow

There are no answers; only choices.

Another Inglorious Basterd Down

Posted by thearrow on October 22, 2011

A few more to go. I take great satisfaction in the fact that Gaddafi was caught like “rat” in a drain and killed by a mob of angry fighters. I’m glad he got a glimpse of the hatred he spawned. And he said “Don’t kill me, my sons.” Ha ha! Just like his dear friend Ceausescu’s wife, when she saw that the execution was, in fact, going to happen. Three demented rulers.

The world’s eyes are now on Syria’s and Yemen’s ruthless dictators. And I can’t wait to see when North Korea’s Kim Jong Il and sinister communist regime fall, although I don’t see much progress because China is protecting them. But that’s one society I’m very curious to see shed its cracking ideology. Petro dictators in the Middle East don’t really have an ideology, but the combination of extreme communism and repression in North Korea has probably left very deep scars in that poor society.

But I’m now optimistic that there will be a time, not far from today, when all the dictatorships in the world are gone.


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