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I Just Want to Read and Study

Posted by thearrow on August 11, 2011

Why do we have to work every single day? I’d love to take a sabbatical year and just read, play with my camera, and study the many things I want to learn. I have long wish lists of books on Amazon and I’m fighting the temptation to buy all of them. Which would be nuts, of course. I have to resist my collector urge and I need to tell myself that just possessing the books is not enough. I actually need to make time to read them.

But I’m so not in the mood to work, which very rarely happens to me. I haven’t had a real break in years and I’m getting so nostalgic about my time in college when I had so much flexibility I didn’t know how to appreciate. I should have taken advantage of it to read seriously. Instead, I worked… I worked because I wanted to gain experience and some extra money, but didn’t realize how precious and fleeting that time was and how I should have enjoyed being a student.



6 Responses to “I Just Want to Read and Study”

  1. i’m totally with you 🙂
    (+ nice pic)

  2. Andrea said

    I have the same nostalgic feeling and regrets, except I also add to it the wish to not have been so anxious about sooo sooo very much back then: how I looked, what my grades were, if the dishes were done. The truth was that I looked great, absolutely nobody in the world cares about my grades now and never will, and the dishes could have stayed dirty. I wish I could have enjoyed life more, been more carefree.

    Of course, we might be looking back at our lives 10-15 years from now and think the same about this stage. Scary.

    Don’t worry, retirement will be here in no time :)))

  3. thearrow said

    Andrea, I couldn’t agree more. I look back and realize, like you, how anxious I was about so many things. I wish I had the ability to put it all in perspective, stop fretting, and just live. But, looking at the bright side, we still look great AND can worry less now.

    As for retirement, I’m already a few years away from menopause, according to my mom.

  4. Departe said

    I’m totally and completely agreeing with you (and Andrea). it occcured to me as well that I’ve missed on stuff when I was younger and I acted on my impulse and bought an electric guitar! (the fact that that I haven’t quite watched any of the downloaded lessons is a different matter…) But the point is that one book at a time, you should start doing the things you’re missing. For example start taking the tube to work and read on the train……

    I would be interested in what titles you have on your Amazon list.

  5. thearrow said

    I’ll post a list on the blog. Good idea! I’m not linking to it on Amazon because it’s under my real name and I’m still clinging to the hope that this is an anonymous blog. Please don’t tell me it’s not 🙂

  6. Departe said

    I wasn’t suggesting you disclose your real amazon wish page, as I agree with you that anonimity is bliss (and yes, whatever doubts you might have, I see your blog as an anonymous one – as is mine, to be honest, I hope we’re not both wrong.) But I’m always interested in what other people think would make a good read, and since I got into TNY because of your recommendation, I have a vested interest.

    PS: Got your message, btw

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