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Biking Inspiration

Posted by thearrow on July 25, 2011

I was getting some cash out of my bank’s ATM the other day, and a guy who had helped me out with a check issue a few weeks before was closing the glass wall separating the bank from the ATM area. We greeted each other and then he says, “I haven’t seen you on your bike recently.”

Um, how did he know? Well, his desk is right in the corner of that bank branch, it has floor-to-ceiling windows, and I bike around it when I come to work. I didn’t realize he was paying attention. “Oh, yes! I haven’t but I’ll be back on it next week.”

“You’re my inspiration!” he added, making my day.

Yes, I will shamelessly cling to any strand of compliment thrown my way.


2 Responses to “Biking Inspiration”

  1. Departe said

    And so you should! These kind of surprising interactions with complete strangers have a great effect on morale! And I should now, as I am the kind of person who would grin stupidly for a whole day just because the barista at sturbucks this morning said my hair looked lovely. 🙂 The unexpected is even more pleasant than the expected.

  2. thearrow said

    I know, isn’t it great? Especially when such nice things are said by complete strangers; it really makes your day.

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