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I Don’t Mind the Netflix Price Hike

Posted by thearrow on July 15, 2011

The beloved DVD rental and streaming service is now deeply hated by everyone because it raised the price for its most popular plan (one DVD at a time + unlimited streaming) by 60 percent. Or, 6 dollars. Get real, people! Ten dollars was way below the value of that plan. Netflix looked at its rental and streaming numbers and figured it could do better.  Or you can read David Pogue’s post to see what the company had to say and get lost in their fumbling explanations.

I’m fine with the price increase, though. I’ve had close to 500 movies in my queue for years and I think cancelling my subscription at this point would be stupid. Am I locked in? Yes. But the queue of movies has value; if I lose it I’ll forget what I wanted to watch and I’m not good at watching movies anyway. Plus, you can’t stream just any movie from Netflix’s otherwise large database. Even so, I can stream almost 200 of the 500 movies in my queue. Hey, that’s good enough for me.

And really, six more dollars more every month is not a deal breaker.


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