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Back on Facebook…

Posted by thearrow on May 6, 2011

Because I had a cool photo of myself with iguanas on my head from when I went to Curacao and I couldn’t resist not making it my profile pic. Yes, I’m vain; nothing new.

Meanwhile, though, I’m reconnecting with my high school classmates, which I have to say is more fun than I thought. I never felt I had some grand time in high school but my classmates were nice and some of them really funny. It will be 20 years since we graduated and, with many of us no longer in Romania, the only reunion we can have is on Facebook. One of us is trying to put together a video-conference, which would be awesome. I hope it works out.

We’re now trying to remember who shared what desk with whom, and on what row. We still have a few gaps but, for the most part, we got it. Some of us did get together for the 10-year anniversary but then we lost touch again. This time around maybe we’ll get on FB and thus be able to start planning our 100th anniversary.


4 Responses to “Back on Facebook…”

  1. Raluca said

    I never made it to the 10-year reunion, but I remember the seating in our classroom ๐Ÿ˜€ Facebook is indeed great for keeping in touch with high and even grade school friends.

    I had to see the iguana photo and added you as a friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Now maybe we get to see each other again, so the virtual walls make more sense. Give me a heads-up if you ever come to Iowa.

    • thearrow said

      Hi Raluca! Good to hear from you again. You and your husband can stay with us if you come to DC. We’ve just moved to a bigger apartment. We’ll be in touch on Facebook, for sure. There’s no escape! ha ha!

  2. Andrea said

    Gotta love facebook for that! Found a few classmates through it and I’m hoping it will become more and more popular in Romania so that more can join.

  3. thearrow said

    It does have its upsides. We would have never reconnected after 25 years without it :). Some of my high school classmates refuse to get on it, though, so our reunion got stalled. But one of them created an account under a nickname, so I hope we’ll persuade the other to do the same.

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