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I’m April’s Fool :)

Posted by thearrow on April 1, 2011

This one’s too good to be true, but, alas, it’s true.

I was supposed to have the first half of the day off to go on my annual pilgrimage to the cherry blossoms (pics are from last year). Things were supposedly in control back at work, it’s a bit quiet, so I felt completely relaxed, ready to enjoy the day. I get there after the required long walk since there’s no metro station nearby, snap a few, then my phone rings.

Among the many different things I do at work is, I install mics when people have big meetings. The mics weren’t working this morning, even though they worked perfectly yesterday. Everything seemed to be in place, a colleague confirmed, but they weren’t working. So what could I do? I walked back and hopped in a cab, worried that my boss was going to go ballistic at me because I didn’t do something right (but he was nice on the phone). I get there, I check the setup, everything was fine.

I go in the room and start looking at the mics. Why on earth weren’t they working?? Well, they were, except you have to speak into them. Do-ooh! So everyone around the table was expecting the mics to pick up the sound from like one foot away or more. Hellloooooo!

So there I was in the cab, going through all sorts of scenarios each ending with my ass getting busted, when in fact the explanation was much simpler: other people’s stupidity 🙂

Later edit: I’ve just found out that one of the participants to this meeting was so concentrated on thumbing his Blackberry on his way in that he didn’t see the glass doors at the entrance and knocked himself over. Apparently, they had to take him to the hospital. I am sorry for the poor dude but this is absolutely hysterical. It could also make a good subplot for Nurse Jackie.


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