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Gone for a Little Bit

Posted by thearrow on March 8, 2011

This actually refers to me, not Gadhafi. I did want to write about the latest terrible developments there but life got in the way and now I’ll be gone for a week. Kristen, I owe you a response; hope to get to it next week.

One thing I have to say, though. That the United States and the West in general don’t see the urgency for intervening promptly with military force to rid Libya of Gadhafi and is caught in all sorts of sophisms about possible negative consequences of doing this, after having backed him up for decades,  is unconscionable. I’m completely baffled as to why the U.N. and other powerful international organizations simply don’t have cojones when it comes to military intervention in situations that everyone in this world can agree are completely justified. Do the U.S. and U.N. powers that be sleep better that there are now one million Libyans in need of humanitarian aid rather than having gone after Gadhafi and stomp on him like you do on a venomous snake?

Just asking.

Cheers everyone! I’ll be back.


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