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Posted by thearrow on January 27, 2011

You think a snowstorm cannot have lightnings and thunders? You might be in for a surprise. That’s exactly what we had last night in the DC area. Steve and I were driving home and on the way I admired big violet flares in the sky and heard the occasional rumble. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Here is the explanation provided by the Capital Weather Gang at The Washington Post:

“Besides the extreme snowfall rates, this storm will most likely be remembered for its abundant thunder, triggered by the strong vertical motions associated with the powerful upper-level low pressure. Thunder snow and thunder sleet are often a risk during winter with upper-level lows as potent as this one was, but usually sightings are fairly isolated – not this time. Based on Twitter reports alone, thunder was heard in Glen Burnie, Columbia Heights, Silver Spring, Tenleytown, Vienna, Germantown, Fairfax, Capitol Hill, Reston and elsewhere throughout the metro area and beyond.”

How cool is that? It depends on whether you were stuck in traffic for 13 hours on your way home and couldn’t give a shit, or took the metro for the biggest part of your commute and then someone else worried about safety behind the wheel, like me. I was marveling at how beautiful the trees were and gaping my mouth at the lightnings behind the snow clouds, while Steve was trying to see through a blanket of relentless big flakes and not to bump into another car.

Lucky me yesterday, but lucky him today. His workplace is closed, so he gets to sleep in. Mine is open, which means I don’t freeze at home because we don’t have any power and might not get it back until Sunday. Now that is cool in a much different way.

Here are some fabulous pics from yesterday night:


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