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I’m a Soul Sister Now

Posted by thearrow on December 17, 2010

Now that it’s wintertime, I get even colder than usual. I sometimes wear a warm, thick scarf in the office even if I already have a turtleneck sweater on. Which concerned two of my older African American colleagues who are very protective of me and who asked me if I’m taking vitamins and supplements. Apparently, getting cold all the time is a sign of iron deficiency. I said I’m not taking any although I know I probably should.

One of them is this very sweet older man (a grandfather) who’s a really wonderful, warm person. “Are you eating your greens?” he asked. “Yes,” I was proud to say. “As a matter of fact, I’m eating collard greens this week.”

At which point the other colleague, a younger woman with a big mouth, dazzling smile, and a great sense of humor, yelled, “She’s a soul sister!” and immediately did a high-five with the guy. I completely cracked up.

Until just a few days before, I had no idea that collard greens are a favorite Southern dish and, therefore, a favorite African American dish. I can’t remember when I ate them the first time and not even how they were cooked, but I liked them. They are what’s called “leafy greens” and, boy, are they leafy! They are these big, thick, hearty leaves of wonderful consistency, that really fill you up. You’d never say you ate just leaves.

I saute them in olive oil with *a lot* of smashed garlic and that’s it. I figured they’re a bit like spinach, spinach goes great with garlic, therefore any other leafy greens go well with garlic. And I was right! I can eat just a plate of greens cooked that way with some bread and have a great dinner.

After relishing my conversion to their greens, my colleagues started to tell me how to cook them. And at the end of our chat, the older guy wished me “Welcome to the family!” πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “I’m a Soul Sister Now”

  1. v said

    any recipe to share? πŸ™‚

  2. thearrow said

    They said I should saute onion and garlic in oil, then put in the greens and some okra, and cover them with water. Doesn’t sound like much of a recipe to me but nobody prevents me from looking stuff up on or :). I guess I haven’t looked so far because I really liked the garlic and olive oil combination (I’m salivating as I’m writing).

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