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I Changed My Mind about WikiLeaks

Posted by thearrow on December 2, 2010

It’s actually been quite refreshing to read the candid (and jaw-dropping) evaluation of different countries or leaders around the world in The New York Times these days.

Like this one, just posted, about Afghanistan,
Cables Describe Scale of Afghan Corruption as Overwhelming.

Or this other one, about Russia,
Below Surface, U.S. Has Dim View of Putin and Russia.

I don’t know much about Afghanistan, but Russia’s portrayal strikes me as quite accurate and, sadly, not at all surprising. It’s Romania’s corruption at a much larger scale, where, as the article says, “the government effectively [is] the mafia.”

Now I wish Assange had leaked something about Romania, too. If the only result of this is that people will have a better idea of how widespread corruption is in these countries and something, however small, will change for the better, it was worth it. Of course, I welcome leaks about corruption in America, too. Or anywhere else for that matter. It’s a rotten cancer that requires constant effort to be stamped on, rooted out, or destroyed in whatever manner possible.

We definitely need to hear the truth more often. I still think Brooks was right when he said “conversation is damaged by exposure,” but maybe that’s exactly what we need.


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