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The Paradox of Biking in the Dark

Posted by thearrow on November 11, 2010

You didn’t think I was going to give up on this now, did you? Well, I thought I was close, but had one more option on the table before shelving the idea. It turns out what I dreaded the most was actually the best way to do it.

Now that it’s dark, I can’t bike back home on the trail, so I thought I had to put the bike on two buses instead. Last time I tried it, it took me three hours to get home; not fun. Then I thought, but who says that I have to use two buses? I could just bike all the way to the second one, on the sidewalk of a well-lit boulevard, and thus avoid traffic snafus and huge delays. It’s only six miles but I dreaded it because it’s a very uphill ride.

Well, I did it yesterday and it worked like a charm. And here’s the paradox: biking in reduced light (like street light) makes you less aware of how steep the terrain is. I’m serious. You lack the visual cues and therefore your mind doesn’t have something to react to. You just have a general idea and pedal harder but that’s it.

So I will be able to use my winter biking clothes after all and not shell out a lot of money on Metro. Ha!


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