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The Rally Didn’t Restore My Sanity

Posted by thearrow on November 1, 2010

I was among the 99 percent of the 250,000 attendees at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s rally on Saturday that couldn’t hear or see anything. Anything AT ALL.

They had only one jumbotron and, given how big the National Mall is, you can’t have a rally without A LOT of jumbotrons in this day and age. I think they completely underestimated the number of people who were going to come, which, if you watch the intro to the rally, with Colbert afraid that folks haven’t turned up, is pretty clear. They played it safe only to end up with a humongous crowd, eager to be engaged and have fun, but who were kind of left hanging dry.

For those who want to watch the whole thing, here it is. I’ll have to watch it, too, to see what I attended 🙂

Otherwise, though, the atmosphere was great, with funny homemade signs, people cracking jokes, and some folks in Halloween costumes. Too bad we were sort of having fun on our own since we couldn’t engage with the rally’s hosts.

Here are pics of the event that people uploaded on their Flickr accounts.

As for me, I took the metro from the middle of nowhere (where I live) at 11:00 a.m. and got squished into the most jam-packed metro car I’ve ever seen. They were all like that. We were beyond sardines; we had turned into anchois. I got out at Dupont Circle because I couldn’t stand it any more, a few good stops before the one I had intended to get off at (Judiciary Square). And then I walked for maybe two miles to the Mall, only to be squished in the Great Crowd again, trying to advance little by little, hoping I could get to hear or see something. To no avail. I eventually got stuck behind a tent and that was it. The rally was over at 3:00 p.m., but it took me three hours to get home, completely wiped out.

I went to bed at 7:00 and slept for three hours. I then woke up to do house chores for another three hours and prepare for Sunday, when I moved back to Arlington to take care of a friend’s dog (the sweet lab from back in July). Take winter clothes out, put summer clothes back in the box, do three loads of laundry, clean the apartment a bit, pack and go. That was my Sunday :). How I wish I had stayed home on Saturday, take it easy, and watch the rally on TV. Now THAT would have been the sane thing to do.

Now I have to restore my own sanity after this weekend.


3 Responses to “The Rally Didn’t Restore My Sanity”

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