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Sadly, Good-Bye to Biking to Work, too

Posted by thearrow on October 29, 2010

After Odysseys that lasted on average 2 hours and which culminated with my 3-hour commute home last night, I decided to give up on biking to work during the winter. It’s an enormous hassle to put the bike on the bus AND change two buses. The trip on the first bus lasted one full hour because of crawling traffic. I got at the end of that route at 7 p.m. Then I biked 15 minutes to the other bus stop, only to see two of them just leaving as I was getting closer. I had to wait for 15 minutes.

And that was not the end of it. The bus wasn’t going all the way, it stopped about halfway from home, so I had to bike some more. I had left work at 5:40 and I got home at 8:45. That’s just insane.

I have only one option left, and that is to bike all the way to the second bus, which would definitely take me probably 50 minutes, so I could catch earlier buses which are more frequent. That said, I would have to do this when it’s dark and cold, and on a very steep hill for the most part; I would still not get home before 7:30 p.m. It’s just not worth it.

Now I’m glad I stocked up on winter biking clothes this summer, when I thought all it took to bike year-round was determination. That might be true in general, but not when you have a 13-mile commute. No way.



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