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Weekend Compliments

Posted by thearrow on October 3, 2010

I always underestimate discount the weather forecast and this weekend I was proven wrong more than ever. At the rally yesterday I had two sweaters while everyone else was wearing t-shirts; my photo gear seemed that much heavier. Today I biked to a friend’s place and said pfft when I saw only 10% chance of rain. That’s zero in my book and I’m usually right. Many times I don’t give much weight to a 50% chance of rain and I’ve been right with that, too. Lately, though, it hasn’t been the case and today I was soaked for 30 minutes on the way home.

That didn’t diminish my confidence; quite the contrary, it made me so much cooler (ha ha!). A chick riding in the rain in traffic like that’s what she does every day. At a big intersection, while I was waiting for the green light, a guy in a truck two lanes over to the left rolled the window down and said, “I wish I could ride out there with you!” I thought that was awfully sweet. Being a sucker for compliments, I laughed and said, thinking of the pouring rain, “I don’t know about that.”

My mom put it all in perspective, though, when she asked me if I’m still drinking a lot of coffee (yes) and told me that I need to cut back (I know!) and eventually replace it with green tea. Because “you’re only a few years from menopause and you need to get a lot of antioxidants.” Say whaaat? I totally cracked up with laughter and I think I’ll be laughing many years from now when I think of it. “Um, mom, I’m not even 40 yet!” “I know, but all I’m saying is that you need to take care of yourself in advance.”

I know she means well and I’m not saying I shouldn’t be careful. After all, I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years, I exercise, I go to bed early and so on. But with 20 years before I hit that point, it’s just hysterical.

So when that guy said that he wished he had been riding out there with me (in the rain), I should have said, “well, you might want to reconsider because I’m just a few years away from menopause.”


2 Responses to “Weekend Compliments”

  1. superb!

  2. thearrow said

    The guy’s compliment? I agree 🙂

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