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The Rally to Restore Sanity

Posted by thearrow on September 17, 2010

This is where I’ll be on October 30, with camera gear in tow: Jon Stewart’s rally, Man, I can’t wait! After all the Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and other vomit-inducing Tea Party crap, this is exactly what we need. And no, I won’t ask you to pardon my French. I’m also going to Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive πŸ˜€

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2 Responses to “The Rally to Restore Sanity”

  1. peter pierson said

    I am ecstatic…forgive the superlative. I just bought my tickets; departing Fairbanks, Alaska around 1AM October 29, getting into DC late that afternoon. Let’s, though, keep to the principle that in any social arena, a reaction against does not make a viable policy or direction. Yeah, my former governor is an empty caricature (and, as many polls up here indicate, an embarrassment to over 60% of Alaskans); but a return to sanity and legitimate political discourse needs to come from both sides. Let’s fill the place…all of us who simply wish for civility and genuine dialogue…and don’t take ourselves so seriously as not being able to laugh.

  2. thearrow said

    Thanks for stopping by, Peter!

    I agree with you that a civilized discourse is necessary to reach good policy decisions and that it has to come from both sides. Too bad one of them is too cuckoo right now and all they think of are tax cuts, dismantling government, and other such crazy ideas. It feels as if these people were frozen 200 years ago and they just woke up to a country they don’t recognize and which they want to take back to that time. And the other side is, as we know, not an organized party πŸ™‚

    But at least we’ll have great fun at the rally! Enjoy!!

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