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Not the Best Dieting Strategy

Posted by thearrow on June 9, 2010

Watching a Jamie Oliver show on the Cooking channel while eating dinner. I ended up eating a lot more than I had planned. It doesn’t help that their slogan is “Stay Hungry” either. My appetite has grown, too, recently, and I’ve packed a few annoying pounds I haven’t been able to shake off yet. I suspect it’s all the biking I’m doing, clocking at 26 miles (40 km) a day. It might take a lot less than one hour and a half each way and less effort if I had a road bike but my budget doesn’t agree with getting one. The earliest that can happen is next spring.

I sure hope I’ll get back to my normal weight way before then, though.


2 Responses to “Not the Best Dieting Strategy”

  1. Departe said

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I would’ve imagined that the more you cycle the more calories you burn and therefore even if you have big meals you burn most of your food intake anyway….

    Maybe the pounds gained are muscle and not just fat? 🙂

  2. thearrow said

    I don’t think I really burn that many calories. I remember doing half an hour of really intense work on the elliptical trainer, sweating like crazy, but losing barely 300 calories. Well, half a bar of chocolate has 300 calories and I eat it in 5 minutes 🙂 You do get hungrier when you exercise a lot, but that doesn’t reflect the calories burnt.

    And I don’t know what those pounds are, but they sure weigh a lot when I try to do push-ups. As my instructor says to encourage us, “you grew it, you lift it.” I sure feel I grew it and can’t lift it anymore. LOL. It could also be that I had a long break in my gym routine, but boy, it’s not easy.

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