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Posted by thearrow on May 11, 2010

The FDR Memorial in DC is one of my favorites, with its big blocks of granite, the inspiring quotes, and the waterfalls, all enveloping you to transport you back in time. One of the less-noted features of the memorial are these small, gem-like portraits in bronze on several columns. They are carved in the negative, but when I photographed them, they appeared in the positive. I was quite stunned to see the result. In other words, where you see a convex facial feature, like a cheek or a lip, the actual carving is concave. I suspect it turns out convex in my photographs because I used a polarizing filter, which reveals what’s under a reflection. It didn’t occur to me that this was the reason (if, indeed, it was), so now I hope I’ll get back there at some point and try the same photographs without the filter, to see if I get the “negative,” as it were.

Below are a few of them and here’s the album:


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