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Looking for Senior Village VIP

Posted by thearrow on March 19, 2010

This is what I’ve come across today:

http://www.careerbu JobSeeker/ Jobs/JobDetails. aspx?Job_ DID=J8G0L964XG4W 92FS1ZJ&siteid= cb_jpemail& cbRecursionCnt= 2&cbsid=78c61b01 63724e0599a51ee2 fcbaa796- 322322772- RR-4

I’ve pasted it below to keep it for posterity, even though I know it makes for a long post. In a nutshell, the US military is recruiting Romanians to role play as villagers interacting with American forces as part of a training program. I’ve highlighted my favorite parts. The title of “Senior Village VIP” totally cracked me up. I sent it to an American friend of mine who has worked in Romania and he said, “I have only one response: WTF?”

Genuine efforts to understand how to interact with a local culture aside, I simply cannot imagine that someone who has lived in the US can play a credible Romanian villager. These are two worlds so far apart that only thinking of switching back and forth produces a short-circuit in my brain. For example, “convey the commanding presence expected of a leader” sounds SO American. Sorry to say this, but I don’t think even Romanian national leaders have a commanding presence.

At any rate, the job posting is great fun:

This position is located in 29 Palms, CA.

A Foreign Language Speaking (FLS) Role Player generally plays one of several roles of various indigenous people in a Romanian Village. The theater within which the FLS acts is a realistic Romanian Village erected on a military training site. Roles include various scripted and improvisational roles of members of the village’s general populace as well as roles of village officials, religious leaders. FLS will convincingly recreate the familial, political, religious, cultural, and economic relationships reflected in the applicable community. The FLS provides these services in support of situational training exercises of the U.S. military.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
Interpret and portray an assigned role; invent a realistic persona for the role based on personal knowledge and experience of village life, language and culture; remain in character for the duration of the training exercises (except during meals, breaks and uninterrupted rest periods)
While in character, apply independent judgment, creativity and improvisation to achieve the highest possible cultural realism in the training environment
Dress in costume appropriate to role
Perform interpretations of emotions, actions appropriate to situations defined using body movements, facial expressions and gestures
May sing and/or dance in appropriate settings (i.e. weddings, funerals)

While in character and within the broad parameters defined by U.S. military personnel, initiate, participate in and react to various scenarios in and around the village, including but not limited to the following:
o Consistently and actively engage U.S. military trainees in the training scenario
o Speak the required language and act in a manner consistent with the assigned role
o Improvise convincingly realistic responses to actions of U.S. military trainees
o Evaluate and respond realistically to actions of other role players
o Improvise convincing reactions to changing and unscripted U.S. military character and trainee movements within the training environment

Some (but not all) jobsites may require one or more specific roles, subject to additional duties and responsibilities as follows.

Senior Village VIP
– A Senior Village VIP plays one of various scripted and improvisational roles of members of the village’s elite populace (i.e., Army Colonel or other highly-placed military official; Governor; Regional Advisor). In addition to the Essential Duties and Responsibilities above, a Senior Village VIP is required to:
– Convincingly perform as a Senior Village VIP would do in an actual village while realistically interacting with other villagers in a dynamic setting (e.g., holding a town hall meeting)
– Convey the commanding presence expected of a leader

Village VIP
– A Village VIP plays one of various scripted and improvisational roles of members of the village’s leadership (i.e., Police Captain, , ??). In addition to the Essential Duties and Responsibilities above, a Village VIP is required to:
– Convincingly perform as a Village VIP while realistically interacting with other villagers in a dynamic setting (e.g., attending a wedding as a dignitary)
– Convey the commanding presence expected of a leader

Education and Experience
Native born in country that is target of training Romanian preferred
Fluent in the language and dialect required for training (i.e., Romanian )
Able to work in the United States
Experience in improvisational or semi-scripted acting preferred
Experience in playing roles for extended periods of time preferred
Able to understand English
Military experience preferred for selected roles

Good physical conditioning and stamina required. Regularly stoop, bend, lift and/or move up to 20 pounds, climb stairs, and walk across broken ground and obstacles. Regularly in character for more than 12 hours during a day; regularly work 4 days straight without leaving the training area. Standing for prolonged periods of time. Near visual acuity to review written documentation; ability to hear and understand speech at normal room levels.
Field conditions prevail. Work locations may be subject to blowing dust and sand, heavy rains or snow, and temperatures ranging from 10(-) degrees F in the winter to 125(+) degrees F in the summer.


3 Responses to “Looking for Senior Village VIP”

  1. Alt.L said

    well, i can see the good intention but… *rolls off the couch laughing*

    btw, have you seen California Dreamin’ (the movie)?

  2. thearrow said

    No, I haven’t. I need to put it on my Netflix list. I’ve heard it’s great.

    Asta-mi aduce aminte de bancul ala cu ungurul primar la olteni. In prima zi nu era nimeni la servici, se uita prin sertare si in loc de dosare gaseste “un bautur tulbur”. Peste vreo doua saptamini ii zicea “bautur tulbur exceptional” si peste vreo doua luni era “la ce dracu’ sa muncesti? L-am trimis pe Gheorghe dupa o vadra de vin.” Asa si cu americanii. Mai bine le zicem bancul si le dam vreo doua sticle de bautur tulbur exceptional si nu mai tre sa angajeze pe nimeni 🙂

  3. Ana said

    …a nu, nu se poa’ sa le dam tulburel pana ce nu termina de imbunatatit infrastuctura. In Romania- ca aici nu vadpe nimeni incepand sa o repare…

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