The Arrow

There are no answers; only choices.


Posted by thearrow on December 11, 2009

OK. I don’t know if Steve is going to be happy with me blogging about him, but this was hilarious, so he might be fine.

Steve is a tall guy with pretty masculine features, but he’s in touch with his feminine side and wears shirts with very playful, sometimes flowery patterns (on the cuffs).That’s one of the (many) things I love about him. Once in a while he’ll joke that on such and such occasion he’ll wear his pink dress. When his niece heard this, she said that boys don’t wear pink; Steve chuckled that she didn’t say that boys don’t wear dresses.

We were looking at an apartment yesterday night and I noticed the nice hardwood floor. The realtor said that the rule is, no high hells on it at all. Steve was bummed: “so that means I can’t cross-dress at home!” And the realtor didn’t get that it was a joke and she let out a loud “okaaaay!” I was almost suffocating with laughter. Poor woman. I can totally understand why she thought that might be true; when you meet gazillions of new people all the time, you can’t have enough brain bandwidth to figure them out.


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