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No Thanksgiving Invitation

Posted by thearrow on November 25, 2009

Steve and I were really hoping someone would invite us over for the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow but, as he says, it looks like we’re shit out of luck. When we were single, there would always be one or two invitations from folks who took pity on us. Last year I turned all such invitations down because I was cranky and wanted to be by myself. But, since we’re not single any more, our friends probably think that we either have somewhere to go or want to spend it by ourselves, like the newlyweds we are. And all we’re thinking is how we haven’t heard from anyone yet. Now, we do want to spend time together (especially since we still don’t live under the same roof yet; hopefully soon) but the Thanksgiving dinner is all about being part of a large clan.

And we want that dearly because we both grew up in small families and would have loved to have an extended one.

Someone please take pity on us again and invite us over for dinner! We promise we won’t eat much; we just want to be with other people 🙂


2 Responses to “No Thanksgiving Invitation”

  1. Teo said

    Awwww, I avoided saying anything on Monday when we talked on the phone because I assumed you really wanted to spend Thanksgiving at home, just the two of you. I wish I had read your comment last night. I would have definitely called to invite you over. We spent Thanksgiving at home, cooking and generally having a very low key day. You should have said something. Really 😦 …

  2. thearrow said

    Oh, don’t worry :). It turned out it was better that we were left to our own devices. We woke up VERY late and then I cooked myself silly for 6 hours.

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