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Jackson and Jinks, again

Posted by thearrow on September 13, 2009

First, I wanted to post something to show that I haven’t abandoned blogging. I just don’t have that much time for it, unfortunately. And, because I have no idea when I’m going to have enough brainpower to say something intelligent, I decided to say a few light things about the above-mentioned pets rather than nothing at all.

I spent another few days with Jackson a couple of weeks ago. This time there was no negotiation re: him sleeping in the bedroom with me. It was futile to lock the door because he barged in and took his deserved spot on the floor. I wasn’t going to deny him the right to defend me; plus, of course, I thought it was adorable. Therefore, a few mornings I woke up with a big wet nose in my face. And dog breath.

Staying with Jackson meant I couldn’t see my other adopted pet, Jinks, until this weekend. But, while Jackson let me sleep, Jinks reminded me that I had petting duties in the middle of the night. He woke me up three or four times in his signature fashion: by tapping on my upper lip with a bit of claw out, the being-cute face on with a shade of begging. If there’s something guaranteed to wake me up laughing, that’s it. I laugh out loud every time I remember it, too. And when I wanted to go back to sleep after dutifully petting him for a while, he went to sleep next to me. At one time he went belly up so that I could pet him there, too. Awfully cute and funny.

So these are some more recent things worth telling. Otherwise, still biking to work (where it’s crazy busy) every day and enjoying every minute of it. There are some bigger things to tell, too, but I don’t want to spook them because they’re shy.


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