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A True Love Fest

Posted by thearrow on January 19, 2009

That pretty much sums up the atmosphere at yesterday’s Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial, “We Are One.” I think one million people showed up and they were all smiles. Some of you may have seen it on HBO. It was a very tasteful and well-thought show, not to mention extremely well-organized. It was impossible to be anywhere near the stage if you didn’t come early in the morning, but they had big screens so I saw and heard everything crystal clear even though I was at the Washington Monument and the show was half a mile away. I couldn’t even see the Memorial from where I was and yet I didn’t miss anything. The atmosphere was vibrant and it really felt like we’ve already inaugurated Obama. What? We have to do it all over again on Tuesday? Oh, well. I guess we’ll make a sacrifice :).

I took some pics but didn’t have much room to move around because I arrived at 2:00, half hour before the concert started, so my photo ops were relatively limited. I hope I captured some of the enthusiasm. You can see the album here:

It was a good recon opportunity, too. Now I know what to wear tomorrow, particularly since I’m leaving at 4:30 a.m.!!! I’m going to be completely frozen in a matter of minutes, but I want to make sure I can move around a bit, take pictures, and find a good spot near a screen before the place becomes a can of sardines.

I know some folks are wary that we are so taken with Obama that it might start to smack of the cult of personality, but I think we’re safe. We’re in the midst of a perfect storm of huge disappointment and frustration with the Bushies, the unimaginable economic and international mess they’ve left behind, and big hopes for normality. This is really what so many people see in Obama: the promise of a thoughtful guy who listens to others and makes informed decisions. I don’t think anyone expects of him anything other than him trying to fix this to the best of his abilities. And, thank God, he does seem like an able guy. But nobody expects a miracle and folks are aware that these are unprecedented circumstances, without a textbook solution.

So let’s enjoy the honeymoon while we can, people. Because YES, WE CAN! 🙂



5 Responses to “A True Love Fest”

  1. WE said

    Mda, sa vedem de maine ce se intampla. Schimbarea trebuie sa se intample down deep si chiar nu stiu daca asta se va intampla.

    Mess-ul nu e numai din cauza lui dubya ci si datorita rapacitatii oamenilor. Crezi ca asta se va schimba? De ex. ii lua interviu uneia care era…in real estate si pt. care “change” insemna “start lending money”. No comment.

  2. thearrow said

    True. Hard to say if change will happen at such a deep level — people’s behavior — but no one can reasonably expect a president to have that kind of effect. We are happy that we finally have someone who is smart and sensible.

  3. Yeah for celebrations! & yeah for promises & peace & potential for a better future. Our hopes are high…but we always like to view life with rose-colored glasses. We’ll gladly support those who attempt to bring hope to the world:)

  4. “In my dream, the angel shrugged & said, If we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination & then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.” – Brian Andreas

  5. thearrow said

    Thank you, StoryPeople. You guys are great. I’m on your email list, btw :). Small world, eh?

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