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You Can Fly

Posted by thearrow on January 12, 2009

Check this out. Unbe-effing-lievable! You have to be nuts to do this, but it sure looks extremely appealing (if you have a death wish).


4 Responses to “You Can Fly”

  1. v said


  2. thearrow said

    It just blows your mind. I would do it, too, if I could be a tad more certain that I won’t get crushed on the rocks the first time I’d try it. People did die doing this, as it’s easy to imagine…

  3. alt.L said

    watching this my first question was “wow, how do you stop?” properly, i mean. then i saw they do have a parachute. pffew!

    anyway, people do die doing far less spectacular things. you wouldn’t believe the statistics of death by talking on the cell phone(and being distracted) 🙂

  4. thearrow said

    True :). Let’s hope these guys don’t get that comfortable and start talking on the cell phone while flying. LOL. At the beginning of the video one guy says how they were jumping as far as possible from the cliffs in the beginning, but then, as they got used to it, they starting flying close, to touch the mountains.

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