The Arrow

There are no answers; only choices.

Demanding Kitty

Posted by thearrow on November 25, 2008

Well, the honeymoon is over :). Now we’re at the I-want-your-attention-all-the-time stage. Apart from the fact that I do have a life of my own, which does not involve petting a kitty 24/7, I don’t want to take an anti-allergic every hour either. I really like it when kitty lies next to me in the dish chair, but once the hair starts flying around my nose starts running. I hate allergies.

And then, every loud meow before the crack of dawn means an extra sip of coffee I’ll need later in the day. Tonight I’m closing the door so at least it won’t be that loud; it will still wake me up, I’m sure. I had a good laugh, though, when I got up from the dish chair suddenly: kitty rolled over its back without the support he was counting on and gave me an outraged meow.


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