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Cat Stories. I Haz Dem

Posted by thearrow on November 19, 2008

Visiting kitty is with me again for two weeks. What I omitted from my previous story is that I hadn’t realized the kitty-food supply was insufficient when I went to bed. So, in addition to waking up at midnight courtesy of Verizon, I also woke up several times during the night courtesy of hungry kitty. All that before a very busy and long day.

I came in late last night and kitty was quite upset, meow-meow, where have I been. I sat down in my dish chair to check my email on the laptop and kitty lined up firmly by my side, purring and making sure I pet him, to compensate for my utter and complete neglect. Went to bed feeling much better. Then I got my de rigueur meows at 4:30 a.m., which happen regardless of the food supply. But, this being the fifth time kitty is with me, I’ve gotten better at going right back to sleep.

See? I haz cat stories nao, too.


7 Responses to “Cat Stories. I Haz Dem”

  1. v said

    oh, so you have ză master at home, hurry up and serve!
    and on thanksgiving day be sure to be thankful for not having more masters like that – you know…

  2. thearrow said

    Hahaha! You wouldn’t believe what a sweet cat he is. He knows he’s not allowed in the bedroom and, even if I leave the door open, he’s not going there. And, once I feed him, he goes up on the cupboard and sleeps :). Unless I ask him to stay with me in the dish chair, which he’s more than happy to do, of course. He glues himself to me and makes sure one of my hands is on him ALL THE TIME 🙂 Very cute.

  3. Departe said

    I wants cat too…Reading how lovely your visiting kitty is really makes me think that I should just go ahead and adopt one. What does it do the whole day while you’re away though?

  4. The Arrow said

    SLEEP 🙂 I’m surprised he’s such a well-behaved cat but it’s also true he’s not very active. Still, last night I left the bedroom door open and he didn’t come in; he didn’t meow at 4:30 either.

  5. v said

    @Departe: actually, they seem pretty happy not to have ass – excuse me: us home all day long. they need some privacy, you know. so you should go ahead and adopt some poor soul.
    (just please… pleeaase, feed it wet food, not dry.)

  6. alt.L said

    pikchures plz 🙂

  7. thearrow said

    Coming soon, I promise. I got home late on most days this week, but I hope I’ll have some good photo ops this weekend :). Mostly with kitty showing his fluffy belly while sleeping.

    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying sneezing and I’m contemplating buying more anti-allergy drugs :(.

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