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Weekend Update

Posted by thearrow on August 11, 2008

The crazy friend canceled her trip at the last minute (which you might already know if you’ve read the comments); great relief. Her flight got delayed and the airline offered her a full reimbursement, which worked out great for everyone involved :). I slept like a log the whole weekend and I really think it’s because I bike a lot more. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and, not being able to pick between playing with Precious and biking, I decided to do both, so I biked to Alexandria on Saturday. The bike trail takes me from close to where I live right to Old Town Alexandria, a delightful historic port in the DC area, in just a little over 10 miles (16 km).

I was so happy to just be by myself and enjoy my camera that I had no qualms about scaring an annoying guy away :). First, he pissed me off because he took his sweet time on the trail. I kept biking behind him because there was too much traffic and he didn’t pass the people in front of him even when he could and there wasn’t enough time for me to pass several people at the same time. I whizzed by at the first opportunity and stopped further down on the Potomac bank to take some pictures. I was immersed in my camera experience when the guy shows up and asks: “Do you mind if I share the shade of this beautiful willow tree?” In an instant, I saw red and turned toxic. I could already hear the cheap pick-up lines that he was probably going to throw at me and I was in no mood to listen to that. “As a matter of fact, I do. I’m sorry.” The guy couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing, so I repeated, with a firm and irritated voice, looking straight into his eye: “As a matter of fact, I do, I’m sorry.” He started going away, mumbling, “I was only going to read a book.” I was not impressed: “doesn’t matter.” Other than that, the day was great.

The weekend was not entirely perfect, though, as my computer collapsed under the attack of trojan horses, so I couldn’t download any pics :(. A friend is coming to my rescue on Wednesday so hopefully peace will be restored in the electronic realm and no files have been lost; we’ll see. The only downside is, no pics until then. As luck had it, I couldn’t enjoy Little Britain either because the DVD was defective :). It had the same sketches for all the episodes, over and over again. For a minute I thought I was the stupid one and couldn’t figure out how to jump from one episode to the next ๐Ÿ™‚ After operating the remote very carefully and saying out loud, “this is Episode 2, this is Episode 3,” I decided the DVD was the stupid one.

But I’m not complaining because I enjoyed my little trip on Saturday and read a lot on Sunday. I finished Therapy, which was really fun and bitter-sweet, I read a bit from the camera manual and some other stuff but, most importantly, I napped and rested my eyes.

And yes, I biked to work today. What took me so long to do this? I’m not gonna be back on the bus until it’s freezing in the morning.


4 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Departe said

    What do you mean “you read a bit from the camera manual”?! :))

    You either go on you tube and look for videos showing tips and hints (very clever ones actually) or you should read the manual carefully. Otherwise, honestly, you’re never gonna get the best performance from that camera. I’ve had mine for 7 months now and it took a while to figure the whole mistery and get the best configurations right.

  2. thearrow said

    Cool suggestion with the videos, thanks! Didn’t think there would be something like this. Duuuh ๐Ÿ™‚
    I only read a bit because I’m always torn between doing several things at the same time :). And, believe it or not, I was in the mood for reading novels. I don’t know what’s gotten into me these days; I’d just read all day long :).
    I know the camera basics because I’ve used the same one from work but there’s a lot more to discover, indeed. That’s what I’ll be doing on my weekends from now on.

  3. v said

    (i’m that freakish person who always begins with reading the whole manual – before touching the thing for the first time :)))

  4. thearrow said

    Good for you! Impatience (and, in this case, excitement) always gets the better of me but I’ll be a diligent student over the next couple of weeks before I go on vacation. That said, the reading bug I’ve caught recently made me forget I had Precious to attend to. I was glad I didn’t have a computer and I just read instead. How silly is that?

    And tonight I’ll see if my computer survived the malware attack and I can have something to download the pics on to when I come back… ugh.

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