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My Preciosssss

Posted by thearrow on August 8, 2008


A very happy end to this weird day :). I think I’ll go get a bottle of wine since the battery is still charging, so I can’t take any pics yet :). For those of you late in the conversation, My Precious is a Canon XSi I’ve been long dreaming for and I finally allowed myself to buy. The equally good news is that I’m not going to have a much-dreaded expense at the end of the year, which would have made a big dent in my savings, so I can truly relish my camera free of any possible guilt. I found out about that this Monday, so this was a really neat week.

I wish you guys the same ๐Ÿ™‚

Later edit: I just realized that I got it the day when the 2008 Olympic Games started. I hope it’s as lucky as the Chinese say number 8 is. I should start learning Mandarin Chinese before it’s too late :).


2 Responses to “My Preciosssss”

  1. v said

    oh, a new relationship is born! happy birthday to it! may it live a long and happy life!

  2. thearrow said

    Haha! How true; it’s going to be my surrogate boyfriend for the near future at least :).

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