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Multi-tasking Weekend

Posted by thearrow on July 7, 2008

I was writing my usual email to a friend who checks on me at the beginning of the week, to see how my weekend was, when I realized that I had a really productive one AND I had fun at the same time. Wow! Can’t remember the last time any of these two happened, let alone combined in three days. Now, you’ll see that my notion of fun these days is extremely limited, but I was glad to have even that.

First, I’m really happy I went to see the fireworks; last year I was deterred by the rain. Then, on Saturday I went to see Sex and the City — the Movie, which was fun. A tad exaggerated with the fashion and the plot, but I loved Samantha’s racy witty lines. Then, to compensate for so much fun, I went to the library and got a book on search engine marketing, although that’s more fun than work for me. I’m happy I found something more advanced; I was afraid that all there was out there was Search Engine Optimization for Dummies :). (Don’t laugh, it exists.) Not that I’m a whiz, but still.

Sunday was the most rewarding, believe it or not. I applied for two jobs, which hasn’t happened in months! Not that I expect much to come out of it (what else is new) but I’m happy I did my best. I also watched the Wimbledon men’s final and finished a project for work that I had been postponing for months, all while commenting the tennis match with a friend on the messenger, which made everything more enjoyable :). I rooted for Nadal. Not that I don’t like Federer, but I could see how badly Nadal wanted the victory and how hard he fought for it. Plus, he’s hot cute :). As they were walking out of the court together, Federer stroke Nadal’s head, which I thought was very sweet. It was very touching to see how much respect they have for each other. The whole of Spain must be in an alcohol coma for the next month or so, with so many great victories going their way this summer. I doubt anyone showed up at work today :).

It really was an outstanding match; even a total tennis outsider like me could enjoy it. I know close to zilch but now I’m decided to educate myself about it. I probably won’t be playing it any time soon, even though a friend of mine gave me a racquet, because it’s tough on your knees and my right knee has some (unexplored) issues.

So anyway; glad to report a few good things happened. Maybe the future will be even more generous…


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