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Race (or Shopping) Against the Rain

Posted by thearrow on May 31, 2008

I had a brilliant plan: walk one mile to the shoe-repair shop, drop a sandal that needs to be fixed, hop on the bus, and then on the metro to go shop for a new pair of jeans. All before the rain was supposed to start. I could see the threatening clouds in the distance and even a few impressive lightnings but was unabated. I get to the repair shop, drop the sandal, get to the bus stop, and it starts pouring :). I was lucky enough to be in the bus shelter already, but was drenched up to my thighs and the water kept coming down in buckets. That much for my brilliant plan. The bus came after some long five minutes and I got home.

Of course, the heavy rain has passed already as I’m writing this so I’m STILL thinking that I could go shopping. This is so uncharacteristic of me because I hate shopping. The minute I get into a store, which here are huge and bursting at the seams with merchandise, I feel overwhelmed and many times unable to distinguish any more between the good stuff and the crap they sell. “Shop till you drop” can have a more literal meaning that you think :). But one of my two pairs of jeans just died a natural death last week, bursting on my behind :)). I was wearing them at work and I noticed the hole only at the end of the day, so I wonder if I walked like that around the whole time. Yes, I did put on some weight recently, but not enough to justify this; I have a suspicion that it being the only pair of jeans for four years is a better bet for why it happened. And because my meager budget allows me to buy another pair now, I really want to get it.

In other shopping-gone-bad news, I also need a pair of everyday black sandals. I bought a great pair two summers ago, only to see the sole snap at the heel on both feet the same day, just as it was starting its second summer. Not to mention it was expensive. I usually buy things I like a lot and hope to wear them until the end of time, so it really bothers me that I have to spend money again so soon. Ugh…

Anyway, more than you wanted to know 🙂


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