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My Precious Is Back

Posted by thearrow on May 9, 2008

Yaaay! Freshly repaired and ready to roll. It’s going to rain tomorrow, but hopefully not too hard so I’ll still try to take pics. And I hope the azalea bushes are still in bloom. Destination: Georgetown, one of my favorite DC neighborhoods. It used to be a less-than-great place until Kennedy bought a house for Jackie there (according to what I’ve heard). Since then, anybody who’s somebody in DC has owned a house there (Madeleine Albright and John Kerry are two I know of), so it’s one of the hottest real estate areas. Of course, one of the most beautiful, too. The cheapest one-bedroom apartments cost around three or four hundred thousand dollars and I’ve seen apartment listings for one-and-a-half million, too; add to that a condo fee (a building maintenance fee, which usually includes 24/7 hotel-like concierge services) of a thousand bucks a month or more :). Houses can start at around two million and easily go to over four, maybe more. Hey, if I had the money, that’s where I’d be living, too :).

I’ll also respond to Ionuka’s tagging, what I see in the morning. The bedroom vista is boring, but I absolutely love the living-room view; that’s what I actually want to post.


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