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Yellow is the New Green

Posted by thearrow on April 25, 2008

Yellow as in pollen, so I’m not talking environment, but allergies. When green is back in the trees, so is an all-pervasive yellow; and with it, runny/itchy noses and eyes.

I went for a bike ride last weekend and, even though I had taken one anti-allergic pill that morning, a couple of miles down the road I had to stop at a pharmacy to get more. And my nose and eyes kept running for hours! By the end of the day I was also very sleepy because all those pills knocked me in the head. So last Saturday I had to hit the hay at 9:30 :). I could barely keep my eyes open.

It’s great to see all these lush trees bursting with life but boy, the sneezing!

Later edit: Just saw that I wrote “anti-allergic.” Haha! Oh well… fried brains.


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