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No Easter This Year…

Posted by thearrow on April 25, 2008

I’m scheduled to come up for air mid-May. It’s absolutely nuts at work; I had yet another out-of-control week. I couldn’t even remember to schedule a haircut appointment and to take my gym top out of the bag to dry up. Because I had forgotten to do that last night when I came home from spinning, where I usually sweat a storm, and I didn’t have a clean one. I was hoping to hang it on the back of my office door but it totally slipped my mind.

Well, I couldn’t go to the gym anyway. It took me one hour to organize my Monday workload at the end of a full day and I finished at 6:30, which was too late for my class. True, I can do most of the exercises at home ’cause it’s ab crunches and upper-body work, but I KNOW I’m not going to push myself that hard. In class I have no problem doing 100+ abs on end and I don’t care if it burns. The trainer pushes you and you get in that great Zen state where you concentrate on working out and nothing else matters; you enjoy the burn. At home I can always find a distraction.

But it’s sort of okay; at least I got to the spin class yesterday and that’s the one I really don’t want to miss because it’s the most intense cardio workout ever. Plus, Susan is a lot of fun. “Push! Push! Push! Earn that glass of wine!” πŸ™‚ I should write about her encouragement lines at some point. My favorite (in the body-sculpt class) is, “squeeze your butt, so someone else will want to.” Always cracks me up. OK, so I see that if I didn’t go to the gym I need to at least talk about it to compensate :).

Where was I? Oh, Easter. Yes, this year it won’t feel like Easter at all :(. One, I don’t have a car, so I can’t go to the church tomorrow night, because, of course, the Romanian Orthodox church in the DC area is way out in the suburbs. The Russian and Greek ones are next to each other, in DC, but it doesn’t matter because going anywhere at midnight without a car is impossible (welcome to America!). I could probably find someone to go with, but I can’t tell you how sick I am of depending on other people for that. Plus, what other people want to do and ends up happening is a far cry from what I want to do and that ruins the whole thing for me. Thank you but no thank you, really. I prefer to stay home even though the midnight Easter service is very special to me. It is actually what I miss the most from home; that atmosphere of peace; things calm down for a few days, spring is in full swing, people enjoy their days off, they come home at midnight with lit candles… Sigh. And the commercial silliness of bunnies and egg rolls can be easily ignored.

Second, I have too much work to do. I’ll basically spend the next two days reading a big report and writing a press release for it because, you guessed it, there’s no way I can have time or peace to do it at the office. No effing way whatsoever. There, I’m battling relentless waves of tasks that keep coming my way. And even though they are small and no-brainers, they eat up a lot of time. Communications work is fun when you get to read, write, strategize, orchestrate, and, generally, scheme :), but it has a side of administrative tasks served up with that. I don’t mind and it doesn’t seem demeaning to me because I understand it’s part of the deal, but it really is incredible how much time this stuff takes. And if you don’t organize things as they come your way, well, good luck to you :).

So, with the brain almost completely fried, I went to touch base with my boss before leaving and I griped a bit (in a nice way) about the fact that this weekend it’s my Easter and I was planning to take Monday off but can’t do it because we have a big meeting where I have to present. Plus, I’ll be reading this report about what is called “jail reentry” (meaning the return to society of former jail inmates); you can imagine how uplifting it will be :). He quipped: Easter is another kind of reentry. Heh-heh. So I had to give him brownie points for this very witty and intellectual spin on things. That’s one of the qualities I admire greatly in him: the ability to improvise on the spot on what you say in a learned and (always) kind way at the same time. My brain cannot make that many connections per second even when it’s fresh πŸ˜€ I get exasperated at times by his very 19th-century ways (especially his aversion to technology), but I really like his old-school bookish style. And his humor and spontaneity are absolutely wonderful.

Oh, and he did another very nice thing today. He stopped by to ask if I need anything and I said, frazzled but grinning, “yes, a new brain and a three-week all-expense-paid vacation in Hawaii.” Seeing that I was being pulled in a zillion directions, he bought me a jar of macadamia nuts in dark chocolate, the closest thing he could find to Hawaii, which is one of the main macadamia-nut growers. So more nut points for him today :). But enough about work.

While waiting for My Precious to come, I’ll have another album up on Flickr this weekend. I promise!

Happy Easter!


4 Responses to “No Easter This Year…”

  1. alt.L said

    πŸ™‚ Nevertheless…

    Hristos a Inviat!

  2. thearrow said

    Adevarat a-nviat!

    Note: I have no idea what this Possibly Related Posts shit is. I didn’t add it and it’s totally bogus. The problem is, I can’t take it out either; I couldn’t find anything in the HTML I could remove. If anyone has any idea, please share. Thank you!

  3. alexedi said

    dude, you work too much.

  4. thearrow said

    I just stress out much more than I should… If I stressed out less, my workload would look more normal :).

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