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Coming Attractions

Posted by thearrow on April 17, 2008

Inspired/urged by other people’s posts and tagging, I decided to say what I’m going to write about in the near future. Maybe not the wisest idea because it creates expectations but I feel somewhat safe because the posts are already half-formed in my head. And then I secretly hope that folks will nudge me if I don’t deliver :).

Alexedi deserves a post on water. He hasn’t tagged me, but I’ve been meaning to write about this (in general) for some time and, without knowing it, he gave the topic a sense of urgency. He probably knows what’s coming :).

Oblia has tagged other people with saying what five qualities in a person inspire their respect. I’m concocting a mesh of that with some observations about what I like here in the U.S. Again, something I’ve been planning to write about and Oblia focused my attention.

Ionuka tagged me with posting pics of what I see when I wake up. It’s hard for me to resist anything that has to do with pics :). I just shipped my camera to a repair shop, though, so it will take a bit until I do this one.

I hope to have one down over the weekend.


4 Responses to “Coming Attractions”

  1. Oblia said

    great! 🙂 does that mean you’re going to accept the Ro bloggers’ favourite pastime, “leapsa,” from now on? can i put you on my lepsa list? please?? 🙂

  2. thearrow said

    Ah, don’t twist my hand, pretty please… For now to me it just seems like work if I don’t have some (mental) connection with the topic. I’d rather pick an assignment when I feel it speaks to me ‘coz that way I’d be saying something meaningful. Would this be a good compromise? 🙂

  3. alexedi said

    i suspect you are about to kick my ass over my outrageous water wasting habits 🙂

  4. thearrow said

    Yes, but you can take comfort in the fact that you won’t be the only one whose ass I’ll kick. LOL.

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