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Great Laugh

Posted by thearrow on March 28, 2008

[For my Romanian readers.]

This post on Exarhu’s blog and the comments are absolutely hysterical. After another tough week, it was exactly what I needed. Now I feel like I can have another glass of wine and watch a movie. My absolute favorite was by pierpatrat but many of them are really funny. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

For other almost-daily doses of great LOLs, read Oblia’s baba oarba section, where she comments on search terms through which people find her blog.

And, if you’re asking why the heck I’m writing in English if this is for Romanian readers, the answer is out of habit <insert grin here>.


2 Responses to “Great Laugh”

  1. wrekehavoc said

    and here i was bummed because i can’t read romanian 😉

  2. thearrow said

    Oh, so sorry 😦 I promised myself I would write about Romanian humor some day. Not that that would be any compensation, though.

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