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Great Laugh

Posted by thearrow on March 28, 2008

[For my Romanian readers.]

This post on Exarhu’s blog and the comments are absolutely hysterical. After another tough week, it was exactly what I needed. Now I feel like I can have another glass of wine and watch a movie. My absolute favorite was by pierpatrat but many of them are really funny. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

For other almost-daily doses of great LOLs, read Oblia’s baba oarba section, where she comments on search terms through which people find her blog.

And, if you’re asking why the heck I’m writing in English if this is for Romanian readers, the answer is out of habit <insert grin here>.


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Most Intense Push-Ups

Posted by thearrow on March 28, 2008

Someone came across my blog by searching for this term. Great minds :). I was just planning on writing about that.

To take push-ups one notch up, do them with one leg up in the air.

For a greater challenge, put your feet up on a solid base about one-foot high (30 cm.). This will put even more weight on your upper body than a regular push-up and will work deeper muscles in your chest.

Another option is to put one of your arms up on a solid base about 6-in. high (15 cm.) and do sets of push-ups alternating the right and left arm up.

The hardest push-up for me is to put one arm on a medicine ball, which adds keeping your balance to an already-challenging exercise. Whenever you need to keep your balance, you’ll work way more muscles than you normally do.

Enjoy 🙂

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