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My Favorite Advice Columnists

Posted by thearrow on March 19, 2008

Meet Dan Savage, the Carrie Bradshaw of D.C. 😀 He writes for the Washington City Paper. Always funny and right on the money :). He’s gay, so many of his readers ask about coming out but he gives great advice on anything from toys to open marriages. Kind of like “anything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask” :). For his most recent column, go to To see his previous columns, go to and do a search (Ctrl + F) for his name. The paper doesn’t seem to archive columns by author, which isn’t too reader-friendly.

My other favorite is Carolyn Hax, with The Washington Post; another great straight talker (no pun intended). I remember seeing an ad for her column that said: “Don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s my job.” That’s exactly how she is :). Apparently, the Post archives everything in one place, which is this looooong link:

That’s not reader-friendly either. They should have come up with a shorter URL that had Carolyn’s name in it. What’s up with these papers? 🙂 But at least this page seems to be an umbrella for all her columns. If at some point the link dies, look for her under Arts & Living > Style.


Later edit: Dan Savage is actually a nationally syndicated columnist, so his columns appear in a ton of papers, not just the Washington City Paper. I found a better archive here:, where you can get his blog and podcasts, too. More about him here:


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