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Impressions from Bucharest

Posted by thearrow on January 28, 2008

[written on Jan. 23]

When I arrived, after the big snow melt, Bucharest was a city dripping with mud. Eleven hours on the road and I find myself in the middle of black snow dunes and a sea of people rushing to get home. It’s very hard, if not downright impossible, to feel positive about Bucharest during winter. The constant struggle to avoid patches of ice, puddles of mud, and to find your way through the snow and the potholes in the sidewalk is a perfect example of the kind of wear-and-tear this city inflicts on its population.

Yet, everything paled at the thought that I got to be with my family and friends and I could feel that I belonged as was loved. This is going to be my source of strength in the year to come. I do hope I’ll be able to visit again soon, but I’m not sure it will happen.

I feel disconnected from the otherwise sad Romanian realities. This gave me great patience with things I’d normally lose my temper for in no time. Such as customer service, which is terrible; and it doesn’t take living abroad to figure this one out. In previous visits, I was very relaxed at the beginning and, by day three, I would be tense and snap at people instantly if they gave me reason to roll my eyes. This time I felt endlessly patient. I like to think it’s because I realize and accept that it will take a very long time for things to change and losing my temper isn’t going to speed up the process.

These are just a few disjointed thoughts that I jotted down on paper; hope to come back with more.

P.S. – I don’t like this post’s title but I was too tired to think of something else :).


3 Responses to “Impressions from Bucharest”

  1. v said

    ol’ buc’s a tough love even during summertime, but winter is hell in here.
    good for me i work at home. 😀

  2. thearrow said

    It most certainly is. You have to have true grit to survive and not let yourself be affected by it. Not easy.

  3. v said

    what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.
    so, sooner than you think, you’ll get to see me running naked down the street (in bucharest, of course) and singing ‘i will surviiiiive, i will surviiiive, oh yeaaah’

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